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Bobtail Bong Bong

Theatre Bloom Five Stars!

“It’s quite the experience, an honestly beautiful learning endeavor that engages young audiences while they think they’re having nothing but fun and games in this great theatrical show. Bobtail Bong Bong: A Monkey’s Tail Tale is the exact theatrical experience InterAct Story Theatre has been attempting to achieve in years of late, and this new highly immersive and involved format is really working toward their overall company mission.”

Voytto Tech: a scifi fable

DC Metro Theatre Arts    
"Audience members get several chances to be part of the story, helping to propel the action onstage through physical and verbal cues."

Theatre Bloom   Five Stars!
"It’s a remarkable and innovative piece of theatre that addresses issues with which all children are faced in this present day and age. How to survive as an individual and what to do when your individuality gets you bullied. InterAct Story Theatre has an extraordinary show on their hands with a powerful message, and together the whole thing is simply out of this world.”

Adventure Moms DC    
"Voytto Tech combines science technology and art to breach the topics of bullying and social inequality. "

The Legend of Pufferfish Pat: A Tall Tale for Mad Times

DC Metro Theatre Arts    
"The goal of The Legend of Pufferfish Pat was to create a work in which families can hear characters share their tips and ideas for managing angry feelings and see characters modeling different anger management strategies. But don’t tell the kids that. The kids will just know that they are having fun!"

DC Theatre Scene   
"The most impressive aspect to the piece is the clever manner in which various themes are subtlety reenforced....Also impressive is the manner in which a secondary theme regarding gender plays out. Without preaching or knocking a brick wall onto the audience, the script also makes a point of encouraging us to embrace choices outside of traditional gender expectations. 

MD Theater Guide  Five Stars!  
"Pufferfish Pat was a Top Five Show of the Week, "Pufferfish Pat” is charming and funny with versatile actors"!"

Theatre Bloom   Five Stars!
"Ali Oliver-Krueger’s play is smart, simply put. It teaches a lesson without feeling preachy or pedantic, and it is easily accessible to kids of all ages, even relevant to adults! The words and descriptions that Oliver-Krueger uses to accurately express what it feels like to have an anger attack are vivid and extremely relatable. Oliver-Krueger expresses the importance of anger being a normal human emotion and the fact that it can be healthy to feel it while acknowledging the fact that there are healthy ways in which it can be expressed. She manages to do this in a fashion that is accessible to young audiences without feeling too childish and it makes the story full of heart and great learning opportunities."

One Gold Coin–Una moneda de oro

DC Metro Theatre Arts  Five Stars!  
"My children loved the opportunity to sing, clap, create drum rolls, and otherwise become part of the story. InterAct does a great job of allowing children to actively participate in the theater experience, with interactive crafts set up in the lobby before and after the show and a list of discussion questions in the program for parents to use as discussion starters after the show...One Gold Coin – Una moneda de oro is a delightful show and I would highly recommend it to parents..."

Theatre Bloom  Five Stars!  
"Working to serve the company’s mission of actively involving young audiences in the production in a way that is interactive, Director Ali Oliver-Krueger and her performance team of three achieve the high standard set by this statement and the result is a fantastical time for everyone in attendance. From pre-show Gold-Coin making activities to the chance to be a part of the plot by singing, gesturing, and other interactive moments, Oliver-Krueger ensures that everyone who sees the show gets the maximum InterAct Story experience from doing so."

DC Metro Theatre Arts  
"It is an amazing opportunity for InterAct Story Theatre’s local artists to perform for their hometown community, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for local audiences to enjoy a play that has delighted thousands of children throughout the region."