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"Take Ten with Ali Oliver-Krueger" by Michael Kyrioglou

“[InterAct Story Theatre] is brightening the lives of children and adults.”

“To the 8 year old: Go for it! Try everything, and be curious about everything. Don’t worry about being right, or being perfect--don’t be afraid to get messy, struggle, and fail. Struggle is good. It’s okay if you’re struggling as you’re learning and making art—struggling at something doesn’t mean you’re bad at it, it just means you’re figuring out how to get good at it!”

"Accessible Arts" by Karen Shafer

“What I really loved, what really excited me, was being able to teach through the arts, being able to really connect with kids and reach kids who might not get a chance to see things like theatre and opera if we don’t bring it to them.“

“…Even in the midst of a negative situation, [InterAct] creates something positive…”

“Such experiences can help children learn empathy and communicate more effectively.”