The Hero of Everything at Silver Spring Black Box, 2015

  • DC Metro Theatre Arts  Five Stars!  
    "In Former British Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen’s June 2014 Guardian article on arts education, he provides a checklist for teaching artists to keep in mind. The list has ten ideas that revolve around creating a supportive environment that encourages risk-taking, imagination, and collaboration... an excellent concept for teaching artists to keep in mind, but [the article] also acts as a fairly accurate description of how InterAct Story Theatre’s production of The Hero of Everything was an immense success."

  • Theatre Bloom  Five Stars!  
    "A remarkably entertaining and educational hour of quality theatre for young audiences, InterAct Story Theatre is performing heroic deeds with this production of The Hero of Everything. A fantastic opportunity to show that learning can be fun while exposing children to the marvels of theatre, this show is hands down worth seeing this fall season." 

  • DC Metro Theatre Arts  
    "The Hero of EVERYTHING is a fresh, fun, and interactive way for kids and families to explore the importance of teamwork and the perils of trying to do everything yourself, all by being part of the action of a superhero play for heroes of all ages."

Not My Monkey at Gaithersburg Arts Barn, 2014

  • DC Metro Theatre Arts  Five Stars!  
    "In addition to being a thought-provoking, family-friendly, and thoroughly painless teaching aid, Not My Monkey is an uproariously funny, colorful, and acrobatic romp. In short, Not My Monkey is more fun than a barrel of . . . !"

  • Theatre Bloom  Five Stars!  
    "The show is brilliant for many reasons, including the lesson it teaches, but mostly because of the multifaceted theatrical experience provided with so many different types of performance craft incorporated for the audience to see." 

  • DC Metro Theatre Arts  
    An Interview with InterAct Story Theatre’s Ali Oliver-Krueger on Not My Monkey at The Arts Barn in Gaithersburg

    InterAct Story Theatre presents a bunch of monkey problems

The Shirt of Happiness at the 2013 Capital Fringe Festival

  • DC Theatre Scene  5 out of 5 rating!  
    "I wish I could time travel and send my 4-year-old self to see the Shirt of Happiness, produced by Interact Story Theatre, and frankly, anything and everything else the Interact Theatre has its sights on.... The piece is children’s theatre at its very best: transportive, engaging, and full of heart." "The wide array of characters will tickle not only the kids in the audience, but the adults as well (with characters like Ethel Mermaid, what’s not to love?)."

  •  Washington City Paper 
    "InterAct Story Theatre is a welcome edition to Capital Fringe and the family-friendly troupe are clearly proficient at engaging both the kindergarten contingent and their caretakers."

  • DC Metro Theater Arts  Five Stars and "Best of the Fringe"!  
    "While ostensibly aimed at grades pre-K to 6, the multi-generational crowd at the performance I attended was thoroughly delighted; even grandmas and grandpas responded with their inner child."

  • DC Theatre Scene  
    Tent Talk: InterAct Artistic Director Ali Oliver-Krueger

  • The Hill Rag: Fringe Shows to Binge On This Summer
    "Take the kids, or maybe soak up some new-age wisdom yourself, in this InterAct Story Theater production that follows Prince Parsley's harrowing quest to find his joie de vivre. The show promises to answer questions like "What is the secret to being happy," and at ticket prices that are less expensive that a visit to the therapist, I'd say going to this play is a real bargain. Audience participation and a child-like sense of wonder is recommended, but not required."

  • Brett Abelman/Babelwright: A Biased Guide to Capital Fringe 2013  July 8, 2013.
    "If children’s theatre can be Fringey, this might be the show that works in both worlds, and InterAct is the kind of top-notch company that could pull it off." 


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Not My Monkey

Clip video from InterAct Story Theatre's October 2014 "Not My Monkey" by Ali Oliver-Krueger, performed October 2014 at the Arts Barn in Gaithersburg. Featuring: Anna Jackson, Jack Novak, Alani Kravitz, Sarah King, and Ali Oliver-Krueger. Technical Direction by Peter Oliver-Krueger. Music by Tom Teasley. Costumes by Ali Oliver-Krueger and Denise Young.
Jack Novak and Alina Collins-Maldonado in "The Shirt of Happiness" at the Capital Fringe Festival.

Jack Novak and Alina Collins-Maldonado in "The Shirt of Happiness" at the Capital Fringe Festival.