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Bobtail Bong Bong: A Monkey’s Tale - World Premiere! Available Fall 2019


Bob the Monkey is the smartest monkey in the land, and they want everyone to know it! Bob the Monkey wants what they want, and they should be able to get it! But why is everyone mad at Bob? Why is everyone so mean? Bob didn’t do anything! In this interactive theatre forum, children follow Bob’s misadventures and help Bob figure out where they went wrong, and where they could try out Caring, Fairness, and Respect to turn things around. Led by InterAct’s Artistic Director Ali Oliver-Krueger, audience members make suggestions about how Bob could do things differently, watch Bob roleplay out their suggestions to see if Bob can make things better by making better choices. Does it work? What happens next? Bobtail Bong Bong: A Monkey's Tale is an interactive play where children explore how we can apply elements Character Education and Social Emotional Learning in the way we treat others… even when we are feeling sad, angry, or misunderstood.

Audience: 300 student maximum for each 45-minute performance

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Not My Monkey

Grades K-6

There’s trouble afoot at the circus! The new ringleader wants to do a good job leading her zany crew of circus folk, but there’s a new problem every time she turns around, and no one wants to pitch in or even try to get along. To make matters worse, the monkeys have broken loose and are wreaking havoc everywhere! How can a community work together to solve its problems, when everyone thinks it’s not their problem to solve? And how can the community work together to stop the monkey madness? InterAct’s new play on community and personal responsibility features three actors who transform themselves into a variety of zany characters. Everyone in the audiences gets into the act right from where they’re sitting, becoming part of the community of performers who need to tackle this hair-raising problem! Available January - May 2020.

Audience: 300 student maximum for each 50-minute performance

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Voytto Tech: a scifi fable


Klipp Casey travels from a planet far, far away to study at Voytto Tech, the galaxy’s most famous science & technology magnet school. Right away, Klipp has trouble fitting in at his new school, and becomes a target for bullying. What can Klipp do? And what can anyone do about the huge energy crisis threatening the planet? This highly interactive play is performed by three actors who become a variety of characters. The entire audience participates from their seats, becoming characters in the story and brainstorming possible solutions for Klipp's problems. No play can or should offer an easy solution to the complex problem of bullying and social inequity; Voytto Tech offers schools an opportunity to open up dialogue about these complex issues in an engaging way. This play explores character education topics related to Bullying, Respect, Fairness, and Caring, and connects with objectives in Reading/Language Arts, STEM topics, and Theatre. Teachers receive resource outlining activities, discussion questions, and writing prompts.

Audience: 300 student maximum for each 50-minute performance

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William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Grades 6-12

Star-crossed lovers on the run. The King and Queen of Fairies fighting over their favorite kid. Romance, chaos, intrigue, practical jokes, and a royal wedding complete with a play-within-a play, all in the course of one midsummer night! InterAct Story Theatre takes on a beloved Shakespearean classic with a zippy, madcap one-hour adaption of A Midsummer Night's Dream, performed by four actors. A Midsummer Night's Dream may be booked as a stand-alone assembly program or as part of a Shakespeare residency with InterAct's teaching artists unpacking Shakespeare's themes through drama! Available in Spring 2019 for middle and high school audiences. 

Audience: 300 student maximum for each 60-minute performance

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Harriet Tubman: The Chosen One

Grades 3-12

In this dynamic one-woman show, students follow Harriet Tubman on a journey through the Underground Railroad.  Following the performance of Harriet Tubman: The Chosen One, students discuss the play with the playwright and actor, Gwendolyn Briley Strand.  Gwendolyn has a wealth of knowledge about the life and times of Harriet Tubman.  These discussions are a rare opportunity for the students to dialogue with an actor and playwright about a significant time in U.S. History. 

Audience:  Maximum 300 students for each 60-minute program

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One of the best ways to fully appreciate a play is to talk with the actors who bring the play to life. Adding a Talkback session with the actors after a performance gives your students a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, explore the themes and lessons of the play, and learn more about the actor's craft. As part of the talkback, the actors will also demonstrate a little of what happens "behind the scenes", showing students how the set works and how the actors manage the split-second costume and character changes our plays require. An entertaining and educational arts experience! 

Maximum 125 students per Talkback session; a typical Talkback is approximately 20 minutes in length.


The fun and learning continues with a follow-up classroom workshop. After a performance,  students participate in an engaging creative drama workshop with an actor from the play. Students explore the characters and themes of the play, and work together to compose and act out their own original scene extending the story of the play. This exciting workshop connects with curriculum content standards in English/Language Arts and Theatre. 

Maximum 25-27 students (one class) per workshop.

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