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Have you seen The Town That Cried Avalanche? Do you have an idea you'd like to share?

The tiny mountain town of Avalanche, California is rocked with controversy: how can they balance the need for progress with taking care of the environment? And how can they even talk about it when everyone is mad at each other? Mayor Amy called the whole town together for a big town meeting, and everyone's still stumped. There are no easy answers, and no one has figured out the best solution for the future--not in Avalanche, and not in the real world, either.  

Kids, that's where you come in! We want to read YOUR ideas. Talk with your classmates, talk with your teachers and parents...what do YOU think the future of Avalanche should be? How can the people of Avalanche live their lives in the 21st century and STILL take care of the environment, too? How can Avalanchers take care of their mountain home and the people who live there? What's the solution?

The future is YOURS to write!

Do you have an idea for what Avalanche should do in the future? Did you write an awesome new ending for our Avalanche story, or write your own story about Avalanche? Do you have awesome art to share, or did you make a video about your ideas? We want to see them! 

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