Artist-in-Residence programs for students of all ages and their teachers

Artist-in-Residence programs, or residencies, combine a series of workshops and a performance to create an in-depth arts-based learning experience for students and teachers.  

As arts integration specialists, InterAct Story Theatre conducts many residencies each school year, connecting the arts with learning objectives in a variety of subjects in preK-12. The following pages list just a few sample residencies that we have conducted in the past. A number of these residencies were designed or adapted especially to suit the needs of the partner school. 

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Sample Residencies

Here are just a few of the residencies InterAct has led recently connecting drama, dance, music and creative opera with content curricula.  For more information, please contact us

Sample Early Childhood Residencies

  • Books Alive! - a creative drama approach to foster language and emerging literacy skills.
  • Books + Math = Drama!   - Students explore selected math concepts through age-appropriate literature and creative drama.
  • Penny's Puppets - students build literacy skills and gain hands-on experience with different types of puppetry.
  • Sing it! Dance it! Act it! - an exploration of a text through music, dance and drama.
  • Creative Arts for Early Childhood - mix and match among our many early childhood workshops to create a mutlidisciplinary arts residency for your students
  • Dancing Through the Rainforest - exploring the flora and fauna of the Amazon rainforest through dance and creative movement.
  • OPERAtunities for Reading - a creative opera residency designed for early childhood populations

And more! Please contact us for more details, or ask us how we can design a residency for you.

Sample Residencies for Elementary School

  • The Play's The Thing - This classic InterAct residency is based on one of our featured assembly programs. Students attend a performance of one of InterAct's featured plays, and then participate in creative drama workshops in which they explore the themes of the play. This residency connects with Core Curriculum Standards in Reading Literature, Writing, and Speaking & Listening as well as state standards in Theatre.
  • Books Alive! - Students explore text through creative drama, and develop original scenes extending the themes/plot of the text. This residency can be adapted to connect with curriculum standards in Reading Literature or Reading Informational Text, as well as standards in Speaking & Listening, Writing, and Theatre.
  • The Folktales Project - Students explore select folkloric traditions, and develop their own folktale incorporating   both elements of good story structure and conventions of folklore.
  • Drama Games and the Scientific Brain - This residency explores selected topics in Science through drama gaming.
  • History Alive!  - Students explore historical events through creative drama, in a process that enables students to develop more understanding for the human factor behind key historical events, people, movements and eras. Requires advance notice of topic and planning. 
  • Creating a Colonial Village - Students examine appropriate text and data sources to explore colonial occupations, and then use acting tools and skills, technical theatre and design ideas, and simple craft materials to transform their classroom into a colonial village. 
  • Reader's Theatre - A creative drama approach in which students develop and perform a readers' theatre script.
  • OPERAtunities for Writing - A creative opera residency designed to promote writing skills. 
  • Playbuilding - An extended residency project in which students devise original performance pieces.
  • A Taste of Latin America - Students explore Latin American culture through dance and folklore. 

And more! Please contact us for more details, or ask us how we can design a residency for you.

Sample Residencies for Middle and High School

  • The Civil War - Students explore issues surrounding the Underground Railroad and Civil War through the creative drama strategy of tableaux.
  • The City Dionysia/Greek and Roman Mythology - Students explore Greek mythology and theatre
  • Exploring Shakespeare's Themes - expanded from the single workshop to offer a more in-depth exploration of a select Shakespearean play.
  • Novel OPERAtunities - students explore key thematic issues of a select novel and create original  operatic arias or scenes in this residency designed to foster text-to-self connection and an understanding of character traits and motivations.
  • OPERAtunities to Make History - students explore key events and eras of history through creative opera. 
  • Devising Original Theatre - an extended artist-in-residence program in which a teaching artist works with a group of students to develop and perform a short original piece.


And more! Please contact us  for more details, or ask us how we can design a residency for you.